Michael Matsuda

The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends: The Journey to Mountain Temple (Paperback)

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Produced by the Martial Arts History Museum, this is Book One in a series. Come with us as we join Ichi, Kekoa, Lalo, Shinji and Sifu as they take on an exciting adventure. Together, the will face both laughter and tragedy as they overcome a multitude of obstacles to reach their destination. Based on Asian culture and tradition, is it a fun read for both young children and adults as it provides an understanding about different cultures. If you enjoyed the style of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," you will enjoy this one. Created and written by museum president and award-winning producer Michael Matsuda, this book focuses on a variety of issues including teamwork, relationships, cultural understanding, learning from the elderly, building confidence, but more importantly, it is a book about inspiration and achieving new goals in life. All the characters were created and drawn by Michael Matsuda, a former Disney graphic artist, with the magical touch of Elezar Del Rosario who brought the characters to life. Ichi, Kekoa, Lalo, Shinji and Sifu will be the primary characters representing the Martial Arts History Museum so this book will help you understand more about the museum. This book can also be used as a workbook for book reports and especially for young children learning martial arts. It is not a picture book, but a storybook. It is something you can read to any young child.

Published by Michael Matsuda 

165 Pages