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A Resilient Spirit: The Voice of Hawaiʻi’s Internees

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Edited by Claire Sato and Violet Harada

During World War II there were 19 detainment centers and internment camps in Hawaiʻi. Over 2,000 men and women were held in such places under the false pretense that they were spies for the Japanese government. The focus of the arrests were Japanese American school principals and teachers, priests, newspaper reporters and editors, community leaders and politicians. The largest internment camp in Hawaiʻi was on the island of Oʻahu at Honouliuli. Over 350 internees were held at Honouliuli, along with Prisoners of War. A Resilient Spirit: The Voice of Hawaiʻi's Internees, a new book by Claire Sato and Violet Harada, gives readers a glimpse into the hearts of those held at the camp. The book collects the thoughts and poetry of internees culled from memoirs, diaries, anecdotes, and oral histories. A Resilient Spirit captures the bewilderment, anger, and humor of these prisoners.