Vendor Spotlight: Cane Haul Road, Ltd.

Cane Haul Road, Ltd. started in 1975. It was founded by Gary Fujimoto, who had a fashion company called Gary's Garb. He asked Mary Mitsuda to recruit a group of current and former art students, who he would teach the basics of having an manufacturing business. At first there were nine, and they started with a line of screen printed tote bags, they were 30 years ahead of the market. Within a year the majority of the other members left to do more sane things, and Carol Hasegawa and Gary decided to soldier on, to fulfill their obligations to the retailers who purchased their original line. From the very beginning, they focused on "local life", there were very few companies addressing this market. But the times were such, that there was a great deal of interest in being "local", and in celebrating Hawai'i's unique blend of cultures. In music, drama, comedy, dance, and writing, there was a blossoming of new work emphasizing what made Hawai`i, Hawai`i.
Now over 40 years later, Gary's basic design philosophy is still relevant, that Hawai'i's lifestyle is worth highlighting and sharing with the world.
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